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Customer Damage Claims – This section is what we try so hard to avoid, but with the many thousands of relocation Gross3 Pointe Movers completes each year, unfortunately sometimes some damage can occur when professionally completing your relocation. Because we’re not too proud to admit this, we must inform you that while we always try to prevent this from happening, sometimes due to human error we may fail and when we do, we want you to be the first to know that you should have comfort knowing that your moving company you hired will be there for you in this time of need. Because you our customer is the most important asset to us here at Grosse Pointe Movers™ , we have designed a form for you to conveniently submit your claim to our claims department for quick and speedy processing.

(Please note that depending on the nature of your claim, the processing may take up to 30 -45 days to complete.)

Customer Service Email – Use this for questions about your bill, questions about your move, general questions about pickup and delivery dates, or processing of your claim, or any other general questions you may have about our services. Also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page (or FAQs). Going to our FAQ page can answer a lot of questions that we have encountered over the years of operation.

Customer Feedback – Please use this to let us know how were doing. We are eager to hear from you “Our Valued Customer” the things you feel that our team is doing right, but more importantly please give us feedback on the things you feel that we have done wrong, or what you feel we can do to improve our services in the future We thank you for your time doing this.

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Customer Service Number – Give us a call for a free moving estimate or quote, or to speak with a Grosse Pointe Customer Service Representative.

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