Frequently Asked Questions

Here is Questions and Answers all of your questions regarding moving and storage in Grosse Pointe Michigan MI.

Refrigerators, Washers, Gas Stoves, and Gas Dryers. Will you disconnect and reconnect them?

For Refrigerators, Washer Machines with water connections, we can if you wish, disconnect your water line. But it is your responsibility to turn the water valves off/on. Our movers in Grosse Pointe are not permitted to nor can they reconnect them per our insurance regulations.For Gas Stoves and Gas Dryers. The answer is no. Although we would like too, our insurance policies DO NOT permit us to handle these situations. Please have these machines disconnected and gas lines capped before we arrive.

When should I call EZ Moving to book my moving date ?

If you require a written in-home estimate, you should call about 2 or 4 weeks before your move (weeks ahead for estimate depends on the severity of date needed to move on). We generally just ask you to give us as much notice as you can. Now for moving. If you need to move today, we can probably do that. To schedule days ahead – If you’re flexible and you can work with our schedule, you may give us 1 to 3 days notice to move. If you’re in need of a particular date to be moved, we then ask for you to allow us 8 to 10 days or more notice to reserve your move date.
I have just sold my home or my rent has ended! What if I need storage for my home or office items before I need to move into my new home?

This is what we specialize in! Fear nothing! We can simply setup an easy in – home appointment with one of our relocation estimation experts and you can find out just how affordable it is for you to use our exclusive pickup / store / and deliver services! (Click here for an in home office appointment). It is simply the best storage solution you can find. Our professional movers in grosse pointe can come in, load your items up and place it into our modern storage units stored in our warehouse. Once your new home, apartment, or office is ready to move into, just call us and our movers will load your items up into our trucks, and deliver it right to your door! All this is done in just one day!
Read more on our personal storage pickup and delivery services – Click here

What are my responsibilities?

In brief…

  • Be present during the packing of your belongings.
  • Take personal responsibility for jewelry and other high value items.
  • Check and sign the inventory of your belongings.
  • Ensure that no prohibited items are packed.
  • Have a battle plan of where every piece of furniture is going to go in your new home. Color code.
  • Your furniture and boxes with stickers (normally found at Officemax). This process really speeds up your move and could translate into big savings in the overall cost of your move.
  • Lay some type of protection over any light colored carpet.
  • Be sure there is ample access at both pickup and delivery locations.
  • Remember for local moves, we charge by the hour…So time is money! Be prepared!
  • Have all electronic equipment disconnected before the movers arrive.
  • Do not over pack boxes in weight.
  • Be present when the movers arrive to unload the truck. They will require your guidance when the bring your home furnishings into your new home or office. Our movers are trained to place the items in the exact location per your direction.

Is there anything that is definitely a no-go item?

Well, mainly those things you might expect – drugs, alcohol, weapons, ammunition, flammables, explosives, corrosives, fireworks, flares, gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, lamp oil, oil based paints, thinners, varnishes, lighter fluids, starter fluids, fire extinguishers, nail polish, nail polish remover, bleach, aerosol cans, matches, bottles with corks, all propane tanks (empty ones may be moved for local moves only), car and truck batteries. Shipping certain high value items or collections may require you to purchase extra coverage.

Suppose I pack myself ?

Why not? But be aware of the potential problems. For instance, standard/full valuation coverage will not pay out on goods packed by their owner (PBO) (unless the exterior of the box is heavily damaged) Our standard and full replacement insurance policies will not cover such boxes because all insurance companies classify these boxes as PBO/CU which means Packed by owner / contents and condition unknown. Only time there is coverage for this is if we do the packing of the boxes.

What about moving my expensive LCD or LED TV. Can you move these ?

We sure can. We recommend that you place your TV into the large protective box that it came in when you purchased it new. If by chance you threw away and discarded the box, it is no problem for us. We have the box you need for this expensive investment.

How long would Grosse Pointe Movers take to pack my goods?

Every home is different but we can normally Grosse Pointe Movers pack a home within a couple of hours.

I’m on a limited budget for my relocation, what are some ways that I can get my cost down?

This is a very good question. For starters, one of the most effective ways to save money and cut costs is to simply have a garage sale. When you begin packing, look for the items that you don’t use anymore or haven’t used in a very long time and place them in a quick garage sale.
Selling these items can add up to a substantial amount of money that can be used to lower your relocation costs when you are ready to move. And again, another trick is to have a laid out plan of where everything is going to be placed in your new home’s rooms. This will aid the movers in efficiency when the unload your household items which translates into less cost to your pocket book in the end.

Can I leave my clothes in their drawers?

Yes, you can! Just be sure not to leave anything else but clothing inside. Anything else that spills, breaks or shatters please have removed. Desk drawers should be empty and drawers left in or have them removed and moved by you.

Can you move my computers?

Yes, but please have them disconnected BEFORE your moving day and try to have them packed in their original foam lined boxes. If you do not have these boxes available, then please move your CPU unit on your own and have the keyboard, mouse, printer, etc packed in a box. Monitors however we may move if you wish as is.

I have a grandfather clock. What should I know to prepare this for moving?

Grandfather clocks are very easy to move. However, it is your responsibility to remove the weights and pendulum out of the cabinet and move those on your own. On most clocks, you will be left with chains and/or wire line. For this, if you wish, take a paper towel and bunch up the metal into the towel. Then take tape and wrap the paper towel and tape around the loose chains.

This prevents the chains from hitting and possibly breaking or scratching the glass. After this, we can take over and move it professionally.

I have a hot tub that needs to be moved along with my relocation. Can you move this too?

We sure can. We have an experienced hot tub staff standing by Monday thru Friday that can complete this hard and heavy task. Just call our office for a quote on this service.

Call Tool Free Number Today : 313-899-7882

LCD / LED / Plasma TVs — Again try to find your old container box for your LED / LCD / Plasma TV and place your TV back into it for your relocation to your new home! Important note, you will need one to protect it for the move to ensure that nothing happens to this expensive piece of equipment. Don’t have your original TV Box that it came in when you purchased it ? Threw it out? No problem with us. We can simply rent one to you or you may purchase one of exclusive EZTV Box Protection Kits.lcd_led_tv_box_kit-300x190

Renting a EZTV Box kit for your move for just $39.99 for the moving process. We feel that this is a very low price to pay for piece of mind as a good insurance policy top be sure no damage comes to this expensive investment and your enjoyment in your home. This rental fee covers the additional labor we provide / placement of the TV into the kit / and container usage to package up your TV for the move and our movers will bring this out upon request on your moving day. They come complete with adjustable Styrofoam inserts to adapt and protect any size TV.

Rent one for your move for just $39.99

or purchase our TV Protections kits

  • 42 to 52″ Flat screen TVs in size for only $129.99.
  • 52 to 62″Flat screen TVs for just $149.99.

These come in handy when its time to move. Just ask one of our representatives for more information on renting our EZTV Box Kit or purchasing one.

If you are in need of any additional help in answering your questions, please email us or call us right away! We would be glad to help you!

Also check out our checklist page. There you can find more helpful hints to prepare for your relocation!

We offer quick and easy moving!